Born to ensure our existence

Ecorose was born with the purpose of creating a sustainable shoe brand that respects the environment and the natural resources of our planet.
In the Guelmi family we were really concerned about the future of the new generations, which is why we decided to create a brand that would ensure a better future for our planet. Ecorose is a young brand led by young people that intends to continue the family tradition by creating typical Menorcan sandals and sandals using recycled, ecological and vegan materials, but always maintaining the quality of all our products. Through Guelmi we make sure that all our shoes maintain the tradition and craftsmanship that characterize us.
The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. Fast fashion s creating a terrible impact on the planet, both in terms of waste, emissions and natural resources. Now more than ever we must be aware of the situation and act as soon as possible so as not to wear the planet down with no possibility of going back.
We offer you the solution! A quality fashion that does not expire and does not wear out the planet.

Our values

  1. Vegan. We use natural or synthetic materials that perfectly imitate the skin, completely free of animal origin.
  2. Animal Free. One of the pillars for which this brand was created was to end animal suffering.
  3. Sustainability. The DNA of our brand is found in ensuring resources for future generations while respecting the environment and the people involved in the process.
  4. Proximity. All our products are manufactured entirely on the island of Menorca, ensuring the guarantee and quality of Menorcan sandals.
  5. Ecological. We use eco-friendly materials, either recycled or organic that ensure quality and are respectful of the environment.
  6. Recycling. We make sure that our products contain the highest percentage of recycled or recyclable materials. In this way we manage to minimize its impact on the planet as much as possible.
  7. Tradition. The Menorcan sandals that we produce are made by hand following the tradition of our grandparents.
  8. Craftsman. All our shoes are produced by authentic master craftsmen, thus we manage to avoid the production of emissions that are harmful to the planet.
  9. Innovation. We are continually innovating to ensure and improve the quality of our products as well as minimize their impact on the environment.


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